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Founded in 1992, our mediation firm proudly stands as one of the pioneers in offering full-time mediation services in Houston, TX. Spanning several decades, we consistently demonstrate a commitment to facilitating peaceful conflict resolution. We understand the importance of trust in the mediation process, and our longstanding presence in the community attests to the reliability and expertise we bring to each case.

Our state-of-the-art facility features well-equipped conference rooms, providing a conducive environment for productive and confidential mediation sessions. These spaces are designed to accommodate the unique needs of diverse cases, ensuring comfort and privacy for all parties involved. Our experienced mediators leverage their extensive knowledge and skills to guide clients through the mediation process, fostering open communication and facilitating mutually agreeable solutions.

Greenway Mediation & Conference Center

Our Mission

Empowering conflict resolution since 1992, our mediation firm pioneers trusted, confidential solutions, fostering harmony through professional expertise and experience.

Our mission goes beyond the years. Dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses, we pride ourselves on our trusted legacy. Our commitment to excellence extends to our professional team, leveraging decades of experience to guide clients through the intricate paths of conflict resolution.

As we continue evolving with the dynamics of dispute resolution, our state-of-the-art facilities symbolize our dedication to creating a conducive environment for open dialogue and productive negotiations. At the core of our mission lies a genuine passion for fostering understanding and facilitating enduring resolutions.


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Greenway Mediation Facilities
Greenway Mediation Facilities
Greenway Mediation Facilities

Our Facilities

Conveniently situated near Downtown and the Galleria area, Greenway Mediation & Conference Center is located in the heart of the Greenway Plaza area on Mercer Street. The Center provides a comfortable setting for your mediation needs.

We have 10 accommodating mediation rooms to suit large and small groups. We provide a fully stocked kitchen. Snacks, soft drinks, tea and coffee are available throughout your mediation. Breakfast is also provided in the morning. A courteous staff is always ready to assist you in your initial preparations and the necessities that arise during your day. We will arrange your lunch orders to be delivered to our offices and served to your clients.

 If you would like to book rooms for mediation, arbitration, or any other needs, please contact us through phone or email, which can be found by clicking the button to the left. Thank you!


Please contact the center directly to make a reservation.



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